We get sooo many emails with questions about the ticket purchase, so here's a little FAQ.

What's with the discounts?

Pretty much all of our amazing sponsors and community partners as well as user groups all over Southeast Asia, Australia and India have discounts codes. Here's why

JSConf has community at its heart and we want to encourage you to go out and connect with like-minded developers where ever you are. JSConf's are only once a year, but we want you to stay involved with web development and the ongoings further than that and your local community does just that!

Now, here's the problem: You need to go out and find those. To make it a bit easier, here's a complete and growing list of sponsors and communities that can hook you up for a deal to JSConf.Asia.



Sponsors that have reached out for discount codes

Ready to sign up?! Right here! 


What's included in the ticket?

We have put together a little guide to help you find a hotel, flight and maybe a little vacation afterwards :). Check it out here! 


I don't have a credit-card or Paypal account

You can now choose Payment on Arrival as your payment option during registration and pay at the next Manila.JS meet-up or on Thursday morning (28th November) at the venue. Click here to register.


Do I have to sign-up individually?

The registration form needs to be filled out by the attendee him- or herself, yes. For companies that send many employees, we accept bank transfer and reserve their tickets for 21 days or until the 14th of November. As soon as we receive the transfer we'll provide you with a similar registration form for each of your employees. Just write us your interest.


How do I get into the venue?

Please bring a valid Photo-ID to proof you're the person that registered. That's it. We only do environmentally friendly e-tickets ;)


More Questions? 

We're still here for you at tickets@jsconf.asia. Looking forward to see you :)