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"Since this event is hosted in Asia, I think we can spend a little time talk about how HTML5 technology is used in China's Internet Warfare. 

1. The background:

China is in the age of The Great Gatsby, you can find the most ancient browsers and cutting edge silicon valley style startups/cooperation co-exist. 

We can see the overall browser market share, screen resolution, general user behavior and the trend.

2. Zoom in the technology & methodology used:

We see how big Internet companies like Baidu, Sina, Alibaba use HTML5, JavaScript to fight big wars.

We see how small startups work to fight the jungle war.

3. A survival guide:

China, unlike the US, without much tolerance for failure, how web developers process for quick action. And if you happen to build a website for asian audience, what are the things to know."

Shi Chuan may be best known for his projects JavaScript Patterns and the Mobile Boilerplate as well as his contributions to HTML5 Boilerplate and his book 'The HTML5 Mobile Development Cookbook'. He now runs an online wedding platform from Beijing after he left OgilvyOne's digital arm and co-founded a business-oriented mobile app company and ads consulting firm.



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