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"Photoshop recently shipped a new feature called Generator, but what not everyone realizes is that behind the scenes this feature is powered by a Node.js server built right into the tool. This means that you as a developer can now automate photo editing from JavaScript, or access Photoshop features from a Node app, or.. well, anything really. So this talk will take a look at what's possible when high-level tools expose low-level programmable interfaces, and show how to have some fun with this in Photoshop in particular."

Andy is a developer evangelist for Adobe Japan, focused on gaming, Flash, HTML5, and web standards. He’s been building web content since the mid-90s, and is most interested in the grey areas between code and design, like programmatic animation and designer-developer workflows. He speaks regularly at conferences, user groups, and game studios, and spends most of the rest of his time blogging at


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